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Naturals by BlueMagic™ is a non-toxic, natural microbiome fungicide that can reduce farming costs and make a positive ecological impact. This fungicide is proven to eradicate fungus such as White Powdery Mildew and other species of common fungal diseases. This cutting-edge, plant-based technology not only eliminates and prevents fungus but also repels most common pests such as mosquitos, spider mites, whiteflies, and many others. And as if that wasn't enough, studies are now showing increased growth rates of plants, boosted vitality, and reduced fertilizer and water input requirements. 

The organically derived complex of specific sesquiterpenes behind the science of Blue Magic™ is found in nature as pheromonal excretions from unique insects worldwide. Certain plants also contain one or more of these compounds to help repel pests and prevent pathogenic infection. During a 2018 University Research Project in Oklahoma, a species of industrial hemp was discovered and later identified as holding the same unique pheromonal profile and is the fundamental basis of Naturals by Blue Magic’s™ internationally patented BiomeMax® Microbiome Replication Technology™.

Blue Magic™ is non-toxic and safe for pet-friendly areas such as yards, parks, golf courses and sports fields. In addition, since our formula is all-natural and derived from plants, It will not disrupt the natural eco-sphere of living creatures in the area and includes our four-legged friends.


Farm & Ranch

For use on and around: crops, fences, barns, stalls, greenhouses, livestock and other pest-prone areas. Blue Magic™ Farm and Ranch repels flying insects such as Mosquitos, House Flies, Gnats, No-See-Ums, Chiggers and Fleas. Studies have shown it to attract beneficial insects such as Ladybugs and Preying Mantis, which commonly feed on the pest in gardens and around the farm. When used as a lawn treatment and on trees and shrubs, Blue Magic™ provides optimal plant health while offering a safe and pest-free zone for people and pets alike!


Home & Garden

The Blue Magic™ Home and Garden line of products was developed with the homeowner and gardener in mind. Our 32 oz Pre-Mixed lineup is Ready-to-Use right off the shelf. It is available in a handheld adjustable flow unit that easily connects to any garden hose and has excellent reach (Up to 20'), and Covers an average of 1800 sq ft. This product line also features a concentrated refill that makes Naturals by Blue Magic™ the Eco-Smart and Budget-Friendly choice for natural gardening and pest prevention.


Parks & Recreational Areas

Naturals by Blue Magic™ is being implemented by city park managers, wedding venue operators, and private recreation area managers nationwide as an Environmentally Responsible solution to both managing the turf and landscaping as well as keeping the areas free of unwanted insects and pests.


Turf Management

Naturals by Blue Magic™ is currently being tested in many Universities. From Jimmy Austin Golf Course and Soccer Fields at Oklahoma University to the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreations department Blue Magic™ is providing a safe environment for players and patrons while keeping the areas free of unwanted pests without the use of Deet or other harsh chemicals.


Hello. My name is Ryan Early (AKA Farmer Ryan)

"I am an Oklahoma-raised farmer, inventor, natural farming activist and the founder of Blue Magic™, as well as the owner of the Midwest Microbiome Repository™, in charge of gathering and testing various strains of hemp and other potentially viable agricultural crops. After testing hundreds of specimens, my team and I discovered the secret sesquiterpene complex that eliminates plant fungus and naturally deters pests while maximizing overall plant health. We believe this discovery will help power the future of natural farming, making it sustainable and economically viable for everyone. I am excited to be at the forefront of this fundamental shift."

News Article

Ryan Early Reveals Why Sustainable Farming Matters During a Recession

During a recession, every penny counts. Perhaps no one knows this better than food growers in the US, who are struggling with an ongoing economic downturn.

While there are plenty of ways to cut costs, including planting fewer crops and employing fewer people, Ryan Early, the owner of Blue Green Ventures and inventor of Blue Magic Super Grow™'s alternative, plant-based fungicide and pesticide, sees another solution in adopting sustainable farming.

Many people might dismiss this since it sounds counterintuitive. We’ve been taught to accept that sustainable farming and the healthier, cleaner food it produces are expensive. And for many years, it was. However, the leaps and bounds achieved by people like Early, a thought leader and disruptor in sustainable farming, are changing that.

A Forerunner in Farming

Early is not only a brilliant agricultural mind and serial entrepreneur but is also passionate about sustainability and saving money. So he’s priced his products to place them on par with more caustic alternatives that protect both the land and the people working it.

The owner has done groundbreaking work in the hemp farming field. In addition to owning and operating Blue Green Ventures, he founded American Wholesale Hemp, Can-Tek Labs, Hempyre Genetics, and the Midwest Microbiome Repository.

“Blue Magic is an ecologically sustainable solution to many of today’s caustic chemicals, pesticides, and fungicides,” said Early. “Blue Magic provides natural protection against many common pests and fungal diseases, as an economically viable option to the harsh chemicals. It’s been proven effective and provides increased viability for vegetable crops, citrus orchards, and vineyards.”

He also pointed out that many of those chemical pesticides are not nearly as budget-friendly as you might believe and often require weekly or monthly continued applications to continue working. But, on the other hand, when Blue Magic Super Grow™ was tested on a large and diverse cross-section of plants, most specimens displayed signs of improvement and health after just 24 hours.

What’s better is that because it is derived from plants, it is imbued with the best and most disease-averse and pest-resistant compounds that remain even after treatment.

“The product targets mites, white powdery mildew, whiteflies, termites, gnats, and mosquitos,” said Early. “It is available and safe to use for farming and food production. In addition, the natural microbiome replication promotes homeostasis in the rhizospheric, caulospheric, carposheric, and anthosphereic microbiome realms.”

Because Blue Magic Super Grow™ provides natural protection, it can potentially lower the cost of producing foods and positively impact global food production globally.

A Growing Population

Though the country is currently suffering through a recession that’s causing financial issues for many, the drive to introduce sustainable farming on a global scale is an issue with importance far beyond saving money during an economic downturn.

“We have to face facts,” said Early. “The population is still growing while we have a planet with finite resources. Economics experts project that the population will hit nearly 10,000,000,000 by the year 2030. So we need sustainable farming to protect our land and keep it producing into the future.”

He shared that, with his natural solution, Blue Magic Super Grow™, adopted on a global level, the planet could produce safe and effective solutions leading to fewer pest problems. In addition, solutions such as these have the natural power to revolutionize sustainable farming. Finally, letting farmers seeking natural methods harness a powerful alternative pesticide would let them compete against corporate farms with a sustainable pesticide that’s better for the earth.

“We tested this technology on over 10,000 plants during the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Industrial Hemp pilot research project and found Blue Magic Super Grow™ is safe for the environment, plants, and around pets and animals,” said Early. "When a solution is as good for your wallet during a recession as it is excellent for the planet in he long term, it’s a win-win situation."

About Ryan Early

Ryan Early is the controlling owner of Blue-Green Ventures, Can-Tek Labs, and the General Contractor for the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Industrial Pilot Program. He also owns the Midwest Microbiome Repository, which is in charge of gathering and testing various plants. After testing hundreds of specimens, Ryan discovered the secret behind his BiomeMax® technology that will power the future of natural farming and provide people and pets with safe and sustainable solutions. Blue-Green Ventures is the manufacturer of Blue Magic™. For more information, please visit

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